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Change can only happen when members of the community invest in the community. If you have a unique skill or expertise that you would like to share with the youth, please contact us. We would love to include you in future programs!




If you would like to bring the FASTAP program to your community, or if your organization is interested in partnering with us, please let us know! Together, we can ignite the youth to take pride and action in their communities. This is a team effort, and we hope that you join us!



THE "From a space to a place" (FASTAP) program was developed by the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) In Partnership with many Educational institutions, public and private entities, organizations, communities, sponsors, educators, artists, therapists, social workers, and corporations from texas and france.

In 2015, we successfully completed two summer pilot programs in Houston: one at Marshall Middle School in the Northside, and one at Change Happens in the Third Ward. During the fall of the same year, we implemented a semester-length program at Agape Development in the OST/South Union community. We are currently piloting a follow-up program (FASTAP Phase 2) with this same group of students and have two programs lined up for summer 2016.

Our innovative team is ever growing, as we meet and collaborate with new educators, artists, and partners. We are in the process of building a training program, so that more children can be reached as these methods are shared with other educators.

We hope you'll join us in this exciting endeavor!