An original program of the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts


Through this creative journey, the youth implement their own personal ideas of how to bring positive, lasting change to their community through an urban outreach installation. The key to the success of this program is based on the vision of the youth, which is turned into reality as they transform an empty space into a thriving place.



This program is part of the global creative placemaking movement, which believes that community development should be holistic and come from the community itself to improve the quality of life.


Inviting Youth to Envision the Community of Tomorrow

"From a Space to a Place" is a collaborative youth mentoring program that uses a creative, hands-on approach to ensure a holistic and educationally diverse experience for our students. We are merely facilitators in this process, providing the tools that the children need to develop and implement their own unique vision.

Our program creates a safe and inclusive environment in which the youth can interact with other cultures and generations and build strong relationships with their community.  More...